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The Kranj Antiphonal (Ljubljana, Archiepiscopal Archives, MS 17 and MS 18)

Fol. 206r, Antiphonal, 15th century (MS. 17, Archdiocesan Archive Ljubljana)The index has been produced according to the methodology of the Cantus database, and yields the basic functional and musical specifications of more than 6000 content units of the two manuscripts.


General register of earlier music sources (1600–1850) preserved in the Republic of Slovenia

Josef Leopold Eybler (1765–1846), Missa in d; fragment of the soprano part (MS. AM 43, Music Archive of the Ljubljana Cathedral)

About 6000 earlier manuscript music works survived on the territory of today's Republic of Slovenia. These, together with a number of extant earlier music prints, now form the general fund of the national early music heritage in Slovenia. Old music manuscripts stored in archives at various locations throughout the area of Slovenia were first inventorised at the Institute of Musicology in the form of a loose-leaf catalogue, containing around 1500 units. In 1993 the Institute joined the international documentation-musicology project RISM (Répertoire international des sources musicales), based in Frankfurt-am-Main, which collects and presents such kinds of materials on an international basis within the series A I (Music Prints before 1800) and A II (Music Manuscripts 1600-1850). For this purpose a regional committee of RISM (the regional group for the inventory of manuscripts, seated at the Institute of Musicology) was founded for the Republic of Slovenia. Since then the members of the Institute have continued to inventorise these materials within the most up-to date computer systems, and supplement documentation with additional contents. Results of the inventory of the Slovenian materials, together with the results of the inventories of other participating countries, are available on RISM’s compact disk (Munich, Saur Verlag), which comes out once yearly in the form of a cumulative index. The most recent, the 16h edition of 2008, comprises 2237 inventorised units of manuscript materials from four Slovenian archives: the Cathedral of Ljubljana, the archive of the Cathedral Chapter of Novo Mesto, the Franciscan Monastery in Novo Mesto, and the Diocesan Archives of Koper. Since June 2010 a new (up-to-date) music catalogue has been available free online under

In mid 2007 the collaborators of the Institute started to catalogue for RISM database early music funds of the ecclesiastical archives on the Slovenian Coast, starting with the Bishopric Archive of Koper/Capodistria. In the future the Institute of Musicology plans to register within the RISM database early music manuscripts and prints extant in archives and libraries  in Izola/Isola, Piran/Pirano, and afterwards also music sources of the Franciscan Monastery in Ljubljana, the Cathedral of Maribor, the Abbey Church in Celje, the Public Library Ivan Potrč and Parochial Archives, both in Ptuj.